Why You Should Hire A Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

If you have been in a Seattle car accident that was not your fault and you have been injured to any degree, you would be wise to hire a Seattle auto accident attorney. The reason is that it is the only way to be certain that your interests are completely protected under the law.
In many instances the full manifestation of injuries are not apparent until much later. You might be hospitalized and the full extent of your costs and rehabilitation expenses will not be known until much later, yet it is important to get started with compiling facts and evident in regard to your accident as soon as possible.
The main thrust of your Seattle Auto Accident Attorney‘s tasks will be to gather all of the possible facts that pertain to your accident. Most likely an accident timeline will be created to determine the exact timing and flow of events that led up to the accident. In this way it is possible to prove fault by the position and the timing of all of the vehicles involved.


Much of your attorney’s time will be spent building your case so that the proof of the other party’s fault is unimpeachable. When this is accomplished, your attorney will be ready to go to court if that is the direction that is needed.
On the other hand when the opposition sees that such an air tight case has been built, odds are that they will agree to settle out of court as that will save time and money for their client. It is most likely that your attorney will be dealing with the insurance company of the other party and they deal with situations like this all of the time, and they know a good case when they see one. We can also help you if you need Bankruptcy Attorney Seattle.
Your attorney will probably operate on a fee contingency basis, meaning he or she will extract their fee out of the settlement of the case. Usually, an attorney will only take on a case if they expect to win it, and if they cannot foresee that happening, they may not take your case.
All of this takes a lot of work, expertise and experience, a task that would be impossible for you as the victim of the accident to be able to handle. Not only would you not have the legal knowledge to embark upon such a project, you are probably busy recovering physically and you may not have the stamina to proceed with such a daunting task.